Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"The Chef"

My son, "The Chef", and his wife came over for dinner last night. Together, my son and I made a fabulous Fettuccine Alfredo. Ok, ok, I only made the roux, he did everything else.  The food, fancy cowboy china, the company, and the convo were the highlights of the evening. I love our get togethers.

However, a curious thing happened while my son was making the Alfredo sauce, the attachment on my immersion blender warped.   This has never happened before and I have used my immersion blender for making many sauces and soups over the many years I've had it. 

Hmmm.....very curious indeed. 

Well, I guess Cammie's Kitchen needs a new immersion blender, time to go shopping!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Can You Ever Have Too Many Cookbooks????

One cookbook
Two cookbooks 
Three cookbooks, four. 
I've gathered so many 
What's just one more?
You can never have to many cookbooks or recipe cards.  I received a box of recipe cards that belonged to my Aunt. So much of my love for baking and cooking comes from all the times spent in the kitchen with my mom, my aunt and grandmother. So many fond memories from those times. These recipe cards will be treasured and used for sure. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

If you've driven long enough you've had to take a few detours, twists and turns here and there. Sometimes they are nothing more than a minor inconvenience, and other times you have to go way out of your way. 

Our lives often take detours, twists and turns that we were not expecting. Exactly one year ago today, October 24th I had one such detour in my life that I never could have imagined. On that day I had a very bad fall at work and injured myself badly enough to need surgery and an almost 1 month long stay in re-hab. 

This detour time in my life although difficult in many ways, has also been a blessing in many more ways. First and foremost, because it has deepened my relationship with my Heavenly Father. And that alone is worth all of the pain and suffering I endured. During this time I was lovingly reminded of His love, care and protection for me. Throughout my time of surgery, recovery and on the road back to complete health and wholeness He was more than good to me. In the dark hours of pain and suffering I felt His sweet presence ever so near. During this past year He has demonstrated to me many times over that He is faithful, and that as His child I am in safe and secure hands no matter what happens.  This detour has strengthened my faith and trust in Him as my Lord and Savior. 

From a position of being flat on my back, the only thing I could do was look up. I go back often to this picture that I took as I was being taken into the re-habilitation facility where I stayed. I honestly don't remember how I was able to take it since I only had the use of one arm, but I remember feeling an overwhelming need to capture it. Throughout my time in re-hab I would pull out my phone and look at it often. It was and still is a great reminder of where my help comes from. 

No matter what your situation is, or what detours you might be on in life; look up and know that your help is in Jesus, the maker of heaven and earth.