Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Confessions Of A Chronic Cook

Monday I went to pick up a new prescription at the pharmacy and I spied with my eyes some Russell Stover's Raspberry Whip eggs.  They were on Easter clearance and I knew that I had hit the mother load.  No, seriously I felt like the grand prize winner of some contest. Looking all around to see if anyone else had seen them I grabbed up every last Raspberry Whip Egg.  No, I didn't  take the coconut or the peanut butter ones; just the Raspberry Whip eggs.  Yep, I took all 23 of them. Just for me. They bring back such fond childhood memories.  I can never resist them.  I figure if I have one a week as a treat when I give my chemo injections then I will have 23 weeks of treats to sweeten up my otherwise unpleasant moment.  Hey, whatever makes life bearable y'all.

Now you know one of my special treats.  Fess up y'all.  Do you have a special food or treat that brings back fond memories from your childhood?  Is there some food or treat that sweetens up your unpleasant moments or puts a happy smile on your face?