Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oh Meyer! Lemon Loaf

I'm so excited friends and I just couldn't wait to post. The last time I made a lemon loaf it stuck to the pan, and  I was not sure if it was the goop's fault or mine. I was hoping it was mine because I really love my goop (homemade pam spray) I think it is the best thing since anything as far as baking goes. 
Anyways, I made another lemon loaf today, and was praying that it wouldn't stick to the pan because I was making it to take to a friend. So thinking back on my disastrous last loaf of lemon bread; I said a prayer, baked the bread, and when it was done I let it cool in the pan just a bit longer. this time.  Last time I tried to take it out of the pan at about 10 minutes, and this time I waited patiently for 15 minutes. Santo remedio, as we say in Spanish. It truly was the holy remedy because the bread came out perfectly. So glad it worked out. My patience paid off. 

The Goop. Magic stuff it is!

The finished Lemon Loaf.


Lemon drizzle/glaze. Guess it really depends on how much 
you put on the loaf. I'd say I glazed today. 

Yep, its glazed.